Monday, October 15, 2007

HIGHER and HIGHER: Chapter I


The Haier Brothers work in the Haier factory, but not for long. Suddenly, the brothers are thrust into a mission that will take them across China. They begin their mission in Qingdao and visit the Olympic sailing venue for clues. Next thing they know, they hit a beer festival, go windsurfing and then swim off to Beijing.

Chapter I FAQ:

Who are you guys?
We're the Haier Brothers. The beginnings to the first four movies sums it up: "We are two Americans..." Watch the rest to find out.

Where is Qingdao?
Qingdao is on the Yellow Sea, about an hour's flight from Beijing and an hour's flight from Shanghai. With 7.5 million people, a hundred massive buildings going up at once, cheap and good Qingdao beer, and Olympic sailing, it's what you could call an up and comer. Take notice.

You guys really worked in the Haier T.V. factory?
It's interesting, we've been asked this question by more than one person. We never actually worked in the T.V. factory except to film. We did share some laughs with the employees, and then asked if we could take one of the LCDs home. They told us we were funny, and then said no.

Who is the man that sent you on the mission?
He is one of the division heads at Haier. In essence, he really did send us out for the mission, but we dramatized it in the film. Though the scene has not brought us an Oscar, our acting did land one of us as a star of a commerical. More on that later.

Did I see that stunt at the end of the movie somewhere before?
Yes. We stole the idea from "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid." Good eye.

Did you really swim to Beijing?

I think you guys are great!
That's an exclamatory sentence, not an interrogatory one, but we'll let it slide.

Sunday, October 14, 2007



The Haier brothers arrive in Beijing. They start their search in the Summer Palace and then paddle over to the Olympic rowing, canoeing and whitewater kayaking venue, the first of its kind. From there, they head to Beijing’s beach and hang out with Olympic volleyball girls.

Chapter II FAQ:

So you guys really did swim to Beijing?
No, that was a stunt.

What was it that grabbed your leg?
We assume it was a weed.

Was that mountain, lake and island in Beijing really made by hand as a birthday present?
Yes. It was for her 60th in fact.

What's Good Luck Beijing?
They are practice events held at the real Olympic venues. China wants to test whether the venues are truly ready to meet the masses that will arrive in August 2008.

Is it difficult to get to the Olympic venues?
Right now, it's not perfect. But Beijing intends to improve the transportation system greatly by the Opening Ceremonies in August 2008. See Chapter III for more on the improvements. The Shunyi Rowing and Canoeing Park, a scene in this chapter, is more difficult to reach than the others because it's about an hour outside downtown Beijing. China's capital is huge, a block can feel like a kilometer, and getting from one side of town to the other can prove a challenge.

Who are the Olympic volunteer volleyball cheerleaders?
They are a group of beautiful women organized by a dance club in Beijing. According to a media rep at the event, some of their backgrounds include being professionals in medicine and law. Beijing copied the idea of volleyball cheerleaders from the Athens Games and, by the looks of it, ran away with it.

Did you get any of their numbers?
No comment.